Selling / RightSizing


Moving is hard work. There are a multitude of tasks and things to juggle, and if the move is not well organized, the work, and the related headaches, can increase.

Let us help. We have the expertise – and great connections throughout the industry – to help organize and manage certain aspects of your move, or every step of the way.

  • We can take care of all inventory, packing, and labelling needs, to make sure your belongings make it to their new home safe and sound. Fragile items, heavy items, non-standard items – we can handle it all, with the care and attention you deserve.

  • You may need to sort and organize your belongings – whether they will be moved, donated, sold, recycled, or disposed of. Let us help you – so that you can keep your eye on the rest of your life.

  • We can help you find a worthy cause to repurpose belongings that won’t be coming with you – and to help ensure that they are put to great use by people in need.

  • You’ll want to handle this part of your move in the most efficient and professional way possible. Call us and we can make sensible suggestions.

  • We can organize all aspects of a content sale – from contacting professional auction houses, to ensuring that items are appropriately delivered and paid for. A full content sale can be a complicated task, so make sure that you have the right people working for you.

  • We can help organize the multitude of things that have to be taken care of at your new home – from emptying boxes to hanging pictures and setting up the kitchen and bathroom. We also provide expertise to install or set-up your electronic devices: your TV, phone, music equipment and internet.

  • We can help you create a floor plan for your next move, to help you determine what furniture will work nicely in your new space. This helps making decisions on what to bring, and allows you to plan accordingly, all well in advance of your move.

We can take care of all aspects of your home sale and move – contact us to learn more. 416-735-4665 or